In Azerbaijan, president says peace treaty only possible after amendments to Armenia's constitution

2 February
President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev (photo credit:
President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev (photo credit:
Aliyev emphasized that Armenia’s Declaration of Independence contains direct calls for the annexation of the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan to Armenia, violating Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, and references to this document are also reflected in the Constitution of Armenia. He further noted that other legal documents in Armenia contain territorial claims against Azerbaijan, and many conventions and documents Armenia has joined include numerous reservations that do not recognize Azerbaijan’s sovereignty over Karabakh. Additionally, the president pointed out that the basis of Armenia’s lawsuits against Azerbaijan in international courts also includes issues such as Armenia’s non-recognition of Azerbaijan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and the separation of Karabakh from Azerbaijan. Peace can be achieved, Aliyev stated, if these claims are ended, and amendments are made to the Constitution of Armenia and other legal documents.
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