In Australia, government calls on mining industry to support government's commitments to Indigenous people, including referendum

By Aisling Shiels, 4 November 2022
Aboriginal flag (photo credit: Lukas Coch/AAP)
Aboriginal flag (photo credit: Lukas Coch/AAP)
Australia’s Labor government [...] called on the nation’s multi-billion dollar mining industry to actively support the government’s commitments to Indigenous people. The government, led by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, is planning a referendum on an amendment to the Australian Constitution to provide for the permanent representation of Indigenous people in Parliament. […] In their May election commitment, the Labor government pledged to move quickly on a referendum to constitutionally recognise an Indigenous voice in parliament. Because the constitution makes no reference to Indigenous people, a yes vote would rectify their ongoing historical exclusion from the parliamentary process. […] He recommended the addition of provisions to the constitution establishing an advisory body, which would have the power to make representations to Parliament on matters relating to Indigenous people.
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