Attempt to amend citizenship provision of Lithuanian constitution fails in referendum

14 May
Flag of Lithuania (photo credit: Chickenonline via pixabay)
Flag of Lithuania (photo credit: Chickenonline via pixabay)
A second attempt to amend the constitution’s Article 12 and allow more Lithuanians to hold multiple citizenships has not succeeded after Sunday’s referendum. According to the latest data from the Central Electoral Commission (VRK), 1,396,828 voters, or 59% of the electorate, took part in the referendum. Of these, 1,014,304, or 73.9%, voted in favour of the change that would allow dual citizenship, but this was not enough. At least half of all eligible voters must vote in favour of a constitutional amendment on citizenship for it to be adopted. The total number of citizens on the electoral roll this year was 2,385,234. Therefore, 1,192,617 had to vote “yes”. This is the second time that Lithuania has attempted to change Article 12 of the constitution. In 2019, 1.24 million votes were needed and 956,564 people, or 72.35% of the total number of voters, voted “yes”.
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