In Armenia, justice minister announces launch of new constitutional reform process

5 November 2021
Parliament of Armenia (photo credit: Ruslan Harutyunov / Shutterstock)
Parliament of Armenia (photo credit: Ruslan Harutyunov / Shutterstock)
[Minister of Justice Karen Andreasyan presented the following at a meeting with lawyers, scholars, political parties, as well as leaders and representatives of international and non-governmental organizations:] "We propose to form a Constitutional Reform Council where there will be representatives of three parliamentary forces, three extra-parliamentary forces, three non-governmental organizations, and a number of state agencies (…). The council will select five scholars—neutral lawyers without political orientation—who will do the most important professional work: the development of the concept, and then the draft of the constitutional reforms," said Karen Andreasyan, adding that the constitution should be written with the people—and through broad public discussions.
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