In Armenia, government says Armenia will retain parliamentary system

9 March 2023
Flag of Armenia (photo credit: Engin_Akyurt via pixabay)
Flag of Armenia (photo credit: Engin_Akyurt via pixabay)
Armenia will retain the parliamentary system of government, Justice Minister Grigor Minasyan told reporters after a government meeting on [9 March]. Armenia switched to the parliamentary form of government following a string of fundamental constitutional changes enacted through a 2015 referendum, which came into force in 2018. [...] “Constitutional changes are moving forward at a fairly normal pace. Extensive public discussions have taken place. At the moment, certain conceptual points have already been defined – they concern the supremacy of the presidency, the preservation of the current form of governance,” Minasyan said. He noted that a new commission is being formed now to deal with constitutional changes, as the previous one has fulfilled its mandate in time. Minasyan said that the results of public discussions may be presented soon. As for the prime minister’s powers, he said consideration of relating changes is scheduled for the end of March.
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