In Argentina, chamber of deputies considers forming commission to investigate constitutional reform in Jujuy province and creating body to promote rights of Indigenous communities

8 August 2023
Flag of Argentina (photo credit: JoeBamz via pixabay)
Flag of Argentina (photo credit: JoeBamz via pixabay)
Members of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies will analyze forming a commission to investigate a constitutional reform in Jujuy, which has been criticized by union and social organizations. The legislators in charge of the area of Petitions, Powers and Regulations will also discuss the necessary steps to create a group that promotes respect for the rights of indigenous communities. [Lawmakers in the province of Jujuy approved reforms to the province's constitution allowing greater lithium extraction from the land where thousands of indigenous people reside, which prompted massive protests.] Among the aspects that generated the greatest discontent is article 67, which establishes that in order to guarantee the right to social peace, blockades of streets and routes and any demonstration that could be considered violent are prohibited, which is determined by the police. Moreover, articles 94 and 95 provide for control over land and water, which affects the original communities, who were not heard by those who wrote the bill. [...] [T]he governor responded with force to the demonstrations[.]
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