In Angola, parliament approves president's proposal to review the constitution

19 March 2021
President João Lourenço of Angola (photo credit: Paul Kagame/flickr)
President João Lourenço of Angola (photo credit: Paul Kagame/flickr)
After five hours of debate, the proposal for a timely revision of the Constitution of the Republic of Angola was widely adopted by the National Assembly on Thursday after being presented by President João Lourenço in early March. According to the Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic, Adão de Almeida, the main objective of the resolution is to improve institutional relations between the President of the Republic and the National Assembly by clarifying the instruments of political control. The proposal also provides for the right to vote for Angolan citizens abroad, to make the National Bank of Angola independent of political power, to end the principle of gradualism in the effective institutionalization of local authorities and to set a fixed date for the elections.
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