Analysis: The End of Constitutional Pacifism in Japan?

By International Association of Constitutional Law, 23 September 2015
National Diet of Japan [photo credit: IACL]
National Diet of Japan [photo credit: IACL]
<p><strong>In response to the Japanese diet enacting ‘Security Laws’ on 19 September&nbsp;2015, the&nbsp;Japan Association of Constitutional Law has decided to post the following entry written by Professor Yasuo Hasebe at Waseda University, former vice-president of IACL.</strong></p><p>On 19 September 2015, the National Diet of Japan enacted a series of statutes, which enable the government to exercise the right of collective self-defence. One of the statutes also enables the government to dispatch the Self-defence Forces to take charge of logistics for foreign military forces waging wars. This enactment symbolises Japan’s turn of course regarding its long-held stance on constitutional pacifism.</p>
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