Algeria suspends mediation in Niger citing lack of clarification necessary for implementation

10 October 2023
Flags of Niger and Algeria (photo credit via Responsible Statecraft)
Flags of Niger and Algeria (photo credit via Responsible Statecraft)
Algeria announced on [9 October] that it was "suspending" its mediation intended to put an end to the crisis that has shaken Niger since the takeover by the military. “The Algerian government has decided to postpone the initiation of the planned preparatory discussions until obtaining the clarifications that it considers necessary regarding the implementation of Algerian mediation” in Niger, indicated the Ministry of Affairs foreigners in a press release. Algiers recalls that the Nigerien authorities had informed the Algerian government, on September 27, "by official letter (...) of their acceptance of Algerian mediation in the political, institutional and constitutional crisis that Niger is facing." [...] Algiers had proposed at the end of August political discussions "for a maximum of six months (...) with the participation and approval of all parties in Niger without exclusion", under the supervision of a "civil authority led by a consensual personality and accepted by all sides of the political class", in order to lead to the "reestablishment of constitutional order in the country". Niger has been governed for more than two months by a military regime that came to power after a coup that overthrew elected President Mohamed Bazoum.
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