After Israeli government survives no confidence vote, prime minister delays judicial reform votes until next session

By Maayan Lubell, 28 March 2023
Israeli protesters outside Knesset in Jerusalem (photo credit: CNN)
Israeli protesters outside Knesset in Jerusalem (photo credit: CNN)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has delayed a decision on bitterly contested plans for a judicial overhaul until April amid fears that Israel’s worst national crisis in years could fracture his coalition or escalate into violence. [...] “From a will to prevent the rift in the nation, I have decided to delay the second and third reading in order to reach a broad consensus,” he said in a prime-time TV address. “When there’s an opportunity to avoid civil war through dialogue, I, as prime minister, am taking a timeout for dialogue. The crisis obliges everyone to act with responsibility.” [...] As parliament passed a confidence vote in the government, tens of thousands of protesters returned to the streets in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, many waving the blue and white Israeli flags that have become an emblem of the protests.
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