Issue 10, October 2014

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Voices from the field
  Ecuador's constitutional term limits conundrum: what future for Article 144?
by Miguel Lucio Dominguez
Tanzania’s proposed constitution: jinx or providence?
by Salma Maoulidi
Renegotiating rural land rights through constitutional reform in Liberia
by Ibrahim Al-bakri Nyei
Constitutional and political reforms in Thailand: deconstructing the Junta’s vision
by Khemthong Tonsakulrungruang
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In the media this month
  Pakistan: mutilating the Constitution
by Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi
How Britain’s Constitution should be reformed
by Will Self
The constitutionality of constitutional acts: can Egypt court extend its jurisdiction?

by Mohamed Abdelaal
Fiji: Building a constitutional and parliamentary culture
by Cheryl Saunders
  Singapore: Should constitutional principles be entrenched?
by Jaclyn L. Neo
Gender parity and Tanzania’s proposed Constitution
by Jennifer Duncan
Zimbabwe: Succession and the new Constitution

by Derek Matyszak
The Phillipines: Constitutional reform and the term limits debate
by Joel Locsin
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