Consultant: Constitutional Support Database of Experts


The United Nations support constitution-making making processes throughout the world. Several UN entities, including UNDP, UN Department of Political Affairs, UN Women, UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, and OHCHR are collaborating to respond to the growing demand of UN agencies, member states and other partners who are frequently called upon to field constitutional experts to support UN Missions, UN Country Teams and Governments. Such constitutional advice and support is required in various settings. Requests can be both for short-term consultancies and long-term constitutional advisory posts. Experience has shown that experts can be: 

  • Subject matter experts (eg. federalism, power-sharing, women’s rights, human rights); and
  • Experts on constitution-making processes. 

The former are frequently called upon for short term consultancies while the latter may be brought in to serve as long term advisers (for example, to serve as a Chief Technical Adviser for a UNDP Constitutional Support Project). UNDP and DPA are now soliciting highly-qualified experts and experienced consultants (individuals, not firms) to be considered for inclusion in a new UN Constitution Experts’ Database, which will be used to rapidly identify and deploy constitutional expertise in support of constitutional processes. In order to better address demand in this thematic area of work, the UN is seeking individuals with constitution-making expertise in one or more of the following areas: 

    Constitution-making processes (including process design, support for civic education, communications/outreach, mediation and dialogue, Secretariat support and capacity development, civil society support, and inclusion of youth and women, minorities, the poor and marginalized groups) Constitutional content, in particular:

    • Federalism/decentralization/power-sharing;
    • Systems of government/separation of powers;
    • Constitutional rights (civil, political, socio-economic, communal, etc.;
    • Islamic law;
    • Natural resources;
    • Gender equality;
    • Minorities and constitutions;
    • Constitutional analysis and research;
    • Other.

    For more details see UNDP Jobs