Workshop on Constitutional Designs for Political Power and Economic Planning for the Present and for the Future, Pretoria-South Africa

In order to support the South Sudan National Constitution Review Commission (NCRC) to think through alternative futures that the specific choices they make today regarding important institutional arrangements such as a permanent Constitution, IDEA Africa Programme is convening a High-Level Seminar cum Workshop with representatives of the South Sudan NCRC and senior government officials of the Republic of South Sudan.

The objectives of the event are  to:

  • Make participants aware of the importance of thinking about the future and planning beyond the immediate term, in this case focussed on political power and economic wealth sharing
  • Demonstrate a proven method for thinking about and planning towards the future
  • Plan a Scenario-Building exercise for the NCRC that they can use as a tool for not only thinking about the future and the kind of Constitution they require, but also facilitate a nation-wide, citizens dialogue in the process