International IDEA-CEU Summer Course on Constitution-building in Africa

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Constitution-building in Africa





CEU Department of Legal Studies is proud to announce this year's summer course on Constitution-building in Africa, between June 30 and July 11, 2014, offered in the CEU SUN framework, together with International IDEA. Course website:

Similarly to the previous year, the course will address complex societal, political and legal problems in constitution-building in Africa from an interdisciplinary perspective, informed by our faculty's and participants' field experience.

Issues to be explored:

  • The general question of constitutionalism in Africa,
  • The merits and risks of constitutional borrowing,
  • The role of external / international influence in constitution building,
  • Practical aspects and challenges  of constitutional design and implementation in practical working groups

Faculty for 2014: 

  • Yash Pal Ghai (fmr Chair of the Commission on the Review of the Constitution of Kenya and Fiji Constitutional Commission)
  • Christina Murray ( fmr member of Kenya’s Committee of Experts on the Constitution)
  • Jill Cottrell, (Former Adviser to the East Timor and Nepal Constitution building processes)
  • Tom Ginsburg (Law School, University of Chicago, USA)
  • Babacar Kante (University Gaston Berger, St. Louis, Senegal, Former Vice President of the Constitutional Court of Senegal)
  • H. Kwasi Prempeh (Seton Hall University School of Law, Newark, USA )
  • Renata Uitz, (Central European University, Course Director)
  • Markus Böckenförde (Centre for Global cooperation Research  and University of Giessen/CEU, Course Director)
  • Gedeon Hessebon(CEU, Course Manager)

Last year's course brought together 28 participants, most of whom are based in Africa and working for various international and local non-governmental organizations involved in constitution building process; as well as doctoral students and post doc fellows with a research interest in constitution building in Africa. 

Participants from last year's course shared their experiences in this short film:

Course directors are inviting applications by February 28, 2014.


Please visit the course website for further information on how to apply.

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