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ConstitutionNet Analyses from the Field
  Burkina Faso’s constitutional reform to accommodate the spirit of the popular uprising
Sawadogo Lamoussa
Jordan’s 2016 constitutional amendments: A return to absolute monarchy?
Sufian Obeidat
Jamaica’s drift towards republicanism: Possible consequences for the Caribbean
Dr Derek O’Brien
Liberia’s constitutional future: Religious and centralized?
Ibrahim Al-bakri Nyei
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What we are reading this month
  Op-ed: Tunisia’s Ennahda movement renounces political Islam
Op-ed: DRC, term limits, constitutional ‘coups’ and the key role of the African Union
Op-ed: Thailand’s planned constitutional referendum: Unrepresentative of the popular will?
Op-ed: Guyanese constitutional reform process should reflect consistent ideological framework
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Latin America and the Caribbean
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