Issue 1, January 2014

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Voices from the field

A snap analysis of some of the first 90 articles of Tunisia's new Constitution
by Nidhal Mekki
Designing for gender: does Zambia's draft Constitution stand up to scrutiny?
by Hope Mubanga
'So near, Yet so far' Women and the new Constitution of Zimbabwe
by Netsai Mushonga
Nepal Writing Nepal's elusive Constitution: mission impossible?
by Prabin Shakya
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In the media this month


Egypt's  new Constitution: why Egyptians should not rejoice yet
by Hiba Zayadin
Arab Neighbors Take Split Paths in Constitutions
by David D. Kirkpatrick and Carlotta Gall
Tunisia A tale of two Countries: Constitutional reform in the Middle East
by Tom Ginsburg
Tunisia Tunisians hope constitution's slow birth will help avoid neighbours' mistakes
The Guardian
Egypt referandum: if everyone votes yes, is it democracy?
by Peter Hessler
How a 'yes' or 'no' will shape Egypt's future
What is in Zambia's draft Constitution?
by Anneke Meerkotter
How Much Can a New Zambian Constitution Really Change?
by Paul Carlucci
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