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Expert Corner (New!)

ConstitutionNet's is pleased to introduce its newest initiative Expert Corner, a monthly feature that aims to respond to, and provide informed (qualified) analyses and views on key constitution building developments through interaction with a panel of leading experts in the field.

Amid war and crisis, what future for the South Sudan's permanent Constitution project?


Peace talks are underway to resolve the political gridlock that has beset the Republic of South Sudan since the outbreak of conflict on December 16, 2013, between troops loyal the country's incumbent Dinka President Salvar Kirr and rebel forces loyal to his erstwhile Nuer deputy Riek Machar. Mediators have already warned of the challenges of implementing agreements that might be reached giving the volatile political situation in the country, and the mutual distrust between the parties. In addition, there is a potential threat to the rule of law and constitutional governance. The country has been governed on the basis of an interim Constitution which is not time bound, since gaining independence from the North in July 2011. What does the current conflict and political volatility mean for the constitution building process? How can the parties balance the need for constitution building, which must necessarily interact with the process of peacebuilding to find a long term solution to South Sudan's transition crisis?


In order to shed light on these questions, ConstitutionNet asked a range of experts with extensive knowledge of the context:


'What is the future of the permanent constitution project amid the current crisis? Where does or will it fit in the context of the peace talks?'

Winluck Wahiu
Senior Constitution Building Expert
Marcia Dawes
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Voices from the field

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Federalism and Nepal's constitution making: how phase one might differ...
by Prabindra Shakya
Nepal Tunisie: Au-delà de la constitution

by Nidhal Mekki
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