The flag of India (Photo credit: Flickr) Op-ed: Should India abrogate article 35A of constitution?
9 August 2017
Photo credit: Dewan Melati, Perbadanan Putrajaya/Flickr India's regional court says tripple talaq violates Constitution
10 May 2017
Members of India's "untouchables" caste (Photo credit: India's highest court: "untouchability" is unconstitutional
27 March 2017
River Ganga (Photo credit: India's High Court says a river enjoys rights of a legal entity according to the Constitution
21 March 2017
A Nepalese activist with others from the Federal Alliance - members of the Madhesi and ethnic communities - voicing anti-constitution concerns (photo credit: AFP) Op-ed: Lessons for Nepal’s new Constitution from India’s experience in accomodating diversity
6 December 2016