Photo credit: Pixabay Burundi government accused of arresting opponents of constitutional changes
18 January
Burudian President Pierre Nkurunziza (Photo credit: Flickr) Change of constitution is a breach to Arusha Agreement, Burundi opposition warns
14 November 2017
Burundi on a map (photo credit: News24) Burundi government backs disputed constitution change, referendum soon
27 October 2017
President of Burundi Pierre Nkurunziza (Photo credit: DOC/flickr) Burundi's president sets up commission tasked with revising the Constitution
15 May 2017
President Pierre Nkurunziza during the celebration of the 53rd anniversary of the independence of Burundi (photo credit: Government of Burundi) Burundi: Presidential Term Limit and National Union Government Discussed in Arusha
20 January 2017