In Singapore, legal and constitutional amendments passed to allow establishment of new digital and intelligence service

By Vanessa Lim, 3 August
Parliament of Singapore (photo credit: William Cho / Flickr)
Parliament of Singapore (photo credit: William Cho / Flickr)
The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) will set up its new Digital and Intelligence Service (DIS) after Parliament passed amendments on Tuesday (Aug 2) to the SAF Act and the Constitution. This includes changes to the SAF Act to include DIS as a service under the SAF and to grant legal powers to the Chief of Digital and Intelligence Service (CDI) to discharge his or her duties and authority to lead the DIS in times of conflict. As for the Constitution, amendments were made to include the CDI as an appointment made by the President acting in her discretion. While changes to the SAF act were passed with no objections, the Workers’ Party objected to amendments to the Constitution. Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh said in view of the WP’s position on the elected presidency, his party would vote against the amendment Bill as a “matter of principle”. [...] He added that the WP advocates returning the presidency to its original form, an appointed office without blocking powers. [...] Speaking in Parliament, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen said the digital domain has become a battle terrain which can impact the security and sovereignty of any country if left unguarded.
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