Chile's President Michelle Bachelet (Photo credit: Flickr) Chile's ConCourt to decide on legality of abortion law
11 August 2017
President Michelle Bachelet (photo credit: OEA-OAS/Flickr) Chile's President presents records of public consultations on new Constitution Project
21 July 2017
Chilean President Michelle Bachelet (photo credit: Reuters) Chile's Bachelet sends to Congress bill to rewrite dictatorship era constitution
5 April 2017
A march for a constituent assembly in 2015 (photo credit: Twitter/@Cris_MunozRoa) Op-ed: Chileans mobilize to replace a constitution adopted during military dictatorship
6 February 2017
President Michelle Bachelet receiving citizens' suggestions for drafting a new constitution (photo credit: EFE/Chile's Presidency/Ximena Navarro) Chile's president receives citizens' suggestions for a new constitution
18 January 2017