Popular Congress Party (PCP) Political secretary Kamal Omer (photo credit: SUNA) Sudanese opposition groups accuse government of obstructing constitutional reforms on freedoms and security services
20 February 2017
Members of the National Dialogue (photo credit: Photo AFP/Ashraf Shazly) Sudan's Higher Coordination Committee approves proposed constitutional amendments to give effect to National Dialogue outcomes
19 December 2016
Members participate in the National Dialogue (photo credit: Sudan Tribune) Sudan to reform constitution to form transitional government, office of prime minister
27 October 2016
Members of the national dialogue general assembly and President Omer al-Bashir (Photo credit: AFP/Ashraf Shazly) Sudan national dialogue may endorse principles for a new constitution, divisions over PM and transitional parliament remain
6 October 2016
Sudan President Omer Hassan al-Bashir (photo credit: EPA) Sudan's dialogue committee reaches unanimous deal on constitution drafting
28 December 2015