Rwanda President Kagame: Nation's parliament has reduced the presidential term to five years. (photo credit: AFP) Rwanda cuts presidential term to 5 years but three-term limit question still remains
29 October 2015
Rwandan President Paul Kagame [photo credit: AFP] Rwanda's Supreme Court holds that constitutional amendment on term limits is lawful
9 October 2015
Rwandan President Paul Kagame [photo credit: AP] Rwanda's Supreme Court agrees to hear case to block president's third term
10 September 2015
Rwanda President Paul Kagame [photo credit: Associated Press] Rwandan Parliament voted in favour of a petititon calling for the removal of two-term limit for president
15 July 2015
photo credit: The Times Africa Rwanda: Liberal Party petitions the Parliament for Constitutional Amendment to allow President Kagame's 'Third Term'
26 May 2015