Egyptian President Al Sisi (photo credit: United Nations photo/flickr) Concern arises that recent constitutional amendments bring the Armed Forces into Egypt's judicial system
7 August 2019
photo credit: United Nations Photo/flickr President Sisi appoints new head of Egyptian Constitutional Court
12 July 2019
Egyptian soldier and policeman guarding a polling station (photo credit: Khaled Desouki /AFP/Getty Images) Egyptian voters approve constitutional amendments that could keep president Sisi in office until 2030
24 April 2019
President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi depicted in a street poster (photo credit: Reuters) Approved amendments to Egyptian constitution on presidential term limits will be put to a referendum
17 April 2019
Egyptian Parliament (photo credit: Ahram Online) A final parliamentary vote on Egyptian constitutional amendments is expected on 14 April
5 April 2019