Which Constitution said that? 'Chinese can do business cause 'tuan' tolerant' - Umno's uncouth Syed Ali

18 November 2014
Syed Ali Alhabshee
Syed Ali Alhabshee
<p>An Umno division leader has called on all races, especially the Chinese, to emulate the Malays who are patient and willing to compromise.</p><p>Syed Ali Alhabshee said non-Malays must accept the reality that "ketuanan Melayu" (Malay hegemony), the national language and Islam cannot be questioned, threatened or belittled.</p><p>Furthermore, he said non-Malays should not be “prejudicial or envious” towards the Malays and Muslims.</p><p>He was also disappointed that the Chinese deliberately magnified issues related to the position and interests of Malays, including matters of religion.</p>
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