In Uganda, petitioners ask Constitutional Court to invalidate amendments

12 April 2018
photo credit: sweggs/flickr
photo credit: sweggs/flickr
One of the petitioners challenging the 2017 constitutional Amendment Act says Parliament replaced the 1995 constitution. Hassan Male Mabiriizi Kiwanuka, in his submission on the second day of the Constitutional Court hearing in Mbale district, said the country now has no constitution. He submitted that Parliament did not merely amend the constitution to scrap the presidential age limits but enacted a new constitution without following laid down procedures of amending it. Kiwanuka Mabiriizi moved on with the submissions saying that Parliament amended Article 260 directly without separating the two sittings of Parliament and without referring the matter to a referendum. He said by failure to refer the matter to a referendum as well as separating the sittings, Parliament overthrew the constitution. Kinwanuka Mabiriizi asked court to throw out the 2017 Constitution Amendment Act so as to return to the original constitution before the December 2017 amendment.
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