Trinidad and Tobago: Constitutional reform a distraction, says Rowley

5 August 2014
Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley
Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley
<p>Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley has said Government is moving in violation of the new Standing Orders to debate reform to the Constitution in an attempt to distract from the scandals plaguing the country, including LifeSport.</p><p><br><br>The new Standing Orders of the House came into effect yesterday at the first opening of the fifth session of the Tenth Parliament.</p><p><br><br>Standing Order 14 provides for a fixed recess which states, “Notwithstanding Standing Order 11 (Meeting Days) and subject to Standing Order 13 (Extraordinary Sitting), unless there are urgent or extraordinary reasons for so doing, no sitting of the House of Representatives shall be held from the first week in the month of July to the first week in the month of September in any year.”</p>
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