Proposal to amend Article 261 of Myanmar Constitution to be reviewed by Panel and reported to Parliament by July 17

By SAN YAMIN AUNG, 14 May 2019
(photo credit: Reuters)
(photo credit: Reuters)
Myanmar’s Union Parliament on Tuesday voted for the Union Solidarity and Development Party’s (USDP’s) proposed draft bill amending Article 261 to be examined as part of a broader review being carried out by the Charter-Amendment Panel tasked with evaluating the entire 2008 Constitution for amendments. Over 63 percent of Union Parliament lawmakers voted in favor of the action, while 198 (33 percent) opposed it and six abstained from the vote. The draft bill, which proposes amending only a single article in the Constitution, was submitted by the military-backed USDP lawmakers and military representatives in February in an attempt to counter the ruling National League for Democracy’s (NLD’s) efforts in amending the Constitution.
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