Op-ed: Will Georgia's constitutional amendments close possibilities for taxing the richest?

By Sopiko Japaridze, 13 June 2017
The Parliament of Georgia (Photo credit: Flickr)
The Parliament of Georgia (Photo credit: Flickr)
Georgia's elites are changing the country's constitution to forever foreclose the possibility of taxing the rich. As part of the constitutional reform process started by Georgian Dream, the Social-Democrat parliamentary faction initiated a proposal to remove Paragraph 94 which forbids the raising of taxes by parliament without holding a special referendum, which can only be initiated by the government. This paragraph is part of Georgia’s Liberty Act, which former president Mikheil Saakashvili pushed through in 2010 in order to severely weaken future governments by limiting their sources of budget revenue and strangle the prospect of progressive taxation in the name of “freedom” for enterprise and market. In doing so, it entrenches libertarian ideology in the country’s constitution, to the detriment of desperate, working Georgians.
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