Op-Ed: Kenya's hope for a better future lies in parliamentary system

By Aden Duale, 27 August 2019
Nairobi, Kenya (photo credit: Ninara/flickr)
Nairobi, Kenya (photo credit: Ninara/flickr)
The likelihood of the next General Election being conducted under a new constitution is real albeit with political divisions and lingering concerns. [ . . . ] Kenyans, including those who have for long been ambivalent on the clamour for constitutional reforms, are more hopeful than ever as most opinion shapers seem to close ranks on why the supreme law requires amendments. Looking at Kenya’s political history in retrospect, there can never be a better time to align our constitution to the challenges we face, some bordering on the absurd. The mass murders of 2007-08 and 2017 are a case in point. I am in full support of reviewing the 2010 constitution if it promises to push the country to move in the direction of a parliamentary system of government.
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