Nepal plans bulk amendments to 110 existing laws to meet constitutional deadlines

26 December 2018
photo credit: UN Women in Asia and the Pacific/flickr
photo credit: UN Women in Asia and the Pacific/flickr
In a landmark move, the Government of Nepal has registered a new bill for amendments contradicting with the constitutional provisions. The government has put forward the proposal to amend 56 laws that are against the constitutional rules promulgated in 2015. According to the spokesperson of the Ministry of Law Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Dhanraj Gyawali, the government has also sent a proposal to the Cabinet regarding another bill that calls for amendment of more than 110 existing laws. The government is pushing key bills on a fast pace considering the constitutional deadlines to amend laws, which are just two months away. Officials are in a hurry because the constitution rules demand mandatory presentation of bills, contradicting with constitution, within one year of the first federal parliament session, in absence of which, they will be deemed invalid.
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