Nepal: If consensus fails, constitution should be put to vote

By Darshan Karki, 2 September 2014
Newly elected CPN-UML Secretary Pradip Gyanwali
Newly elected CPN-UML Secretary Pradip Gyanwali
<p>As the September 6 deadline for the Constituent Assembly (CA) to reach consensus on contentious issues of the new constitution draws close, the parties’ stance on the most controversial issue—state restructuring—seems to have hardened. Darshan Karki spoke to <strong>newly elected CPN-UML Secretary Pradip Gyanwali</strong> on the party’s position on federalism, its reservations on the formation of a new High Level Political Committee (HLPC), and its often fractious coalition with the Nepali Congress (NC).</p><p><br><strong>Talks are ongoing about the formation of an HLPC, but the UML does not seem enthusiastic. What are its discontents?</strong></p>
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