Kuwait Minister of Justice: constitution guarantees judiciary independence

3 April 2018
Kuwait Minister of Justice Fahad Al-Afasi said Monday constitution of Kuwait guaranteed independence of judiciary, which was the guardian of rights and freedoms. Al-Afasi, also Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, said constitution was providing guarantees for judges to carry out their role "in an independent manner and away from any influence of guidance." He was speaking before an international conference on Justice, which featured ministers, chief justices, prosecutors and legal experts from 80 Arab and Western countries. The constitution of Kuwait, he added, affirmed "there is no authority over the judge in the court room and the intereference in judicial process is forbidden." Al-Afasi said the constitution also stipulated establishment of the supreme judicial council, which enforces independence of judiciary. This council, he added, was tasked with appointing the judges and public prosecutors. Al-Afasi meanwhile highlighted importance of the conference to promoting dialogue over the independence and development of judicial systems, in a way that secured rights and freedoms of societies. Moroccan Minister of Justice Mohammad Aujjar said many countries around the world were reviewing their judicial systems in order to strengthen role of judiciary and ensure fair trials.


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