Despite reforms, Ethiopia faces electoral challenges

By Addis Getachew, 14 September 2018
photo credit: Dougie O'Brien/flickr
photo credit: Dougie O'Brien/flickr
Despite wide-ranging reforms underway in Ethiopia, the government seems to be well poised to make the same thing again: taking a knockout win in the 2020 election, which will be the sixth since 1995. Ironically, this time around it may be a true sweep with the government not having to steal votes; it will have the votes thanks to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who drastically changed the political landscape of the nation. Ethiopians show support to him unequivocally and in unison. He released political prisoners, purged old guards of his party, the ruling EPRFD, reformed the army and intelligence that had remained the domain of a member party, the TPLF, made peace with parties who took up arms (which they just laid down) such as PG7, OLF and ONLF, erasing the ‘terrorist’ labels heaped upon them and made peace also with long-time foe, neighboring Eritrea. All these, and more in other economic and social fronts he claimed within the five months since he came to power on April 2, 2018, now the prime minister is promising to stick to the election timetable.
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