Constitutional revision in the DRC: Towards a Kabila's life presidency?

By Theophile Costeur, 2 September 2014
DRC President Joseph Kabila
DRC President Joseph Kabila is making a bid for a lifetime presidency by changing the country’s constitution.
<p>Current events in the elite politics of the DRC should be of great concern for those who follow developments in the country. Systematic efforts are being made by the Presidency and sections of the Presidential Majority to modify the 2006 constitution or, more likely, to have a new constitution passed by referendum. This would enable the incumbent President to abolish the current two-term limit to his presidential mandate. This new constitution would open the door for a lifetime presidency, leaving President Kabila in power until he dies or until he goes into exile. The extensive efforts made since 1998 to turn the bullet into the ballot risk being wasted. However, if concerted action is taken then the lifetime presidency can be prevented before it’s too late.</p>
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