Constitutional changes to expand presidential powers anticipated in Egypt

6 April 2018
photo credit: James N. Mattis/flickr
photo credit: James N. Mattis/flickr
Mamdouh Munir, Director of the International Institute for Political Science believes that Sisi will focus on consolidating his rule before trying to improve the country in order to "eliminate all dissent within the state". Amending the constitution to expand the president's powers will be on top of Sisi's agenda. The president had previously expressed on several occasions his reservations about the constitution, saying it was written under "exceptional circumstances". He was referring to when the constitution was changed in 2014 to limit the president's power, following the military-backed removal of power against then President Mohamed Morsi a year earlier. The amendment stipulated that a prime minister, elected by the parliament, will share some powers and responsibilities with the president. But according to sources from the 25-30 Alliance parliamentary bloc, Sisi will not be satisfied until he has full control of the executive branch as "there are indications within the parliament that he is going to amend the constitution to give him absolute powers", similar to how it was during President Hosni Mubarak's time.
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