Confusion over status of Zimbabwe's constitutional amendment bill

4 September 2017
The flag of Zimbabwe (Photo credit: Flickr)
The flag of Zimbabwe (Photo credit: Flickr)
According to General Notice 485/2017, the Constitution Amendment Bill was sent to the President for assent and signature on Tuesday 22nd August and has not been returned. Section 131(6) of the Constitution provides that when a Bill is presented to the President for assent and signature, he must, within 21 days, either assent to it and sign it and then cause it to be published in the Gazette as an Act without delay or, if he considers the Bill unconstitutional or has other reservations about it, refer it back to Parliament, giving detailed written reasons for those reservations and requesting that the Bill be reconsidered. In this case there is reason to think that the Bill submitted to the President is unconstitutional because it was not properly passed by a two- thirds majority of the total membership of each House, as required by the Constitution.
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