China ratifies Constitution Day holiday to enhance rule-of-law campaign

3 December 2014
President Xi Jinping. Photo: Xinhua
The new holiday is part of President Xi Jinping’s “rule-of-law” campaign. Photo: Xinhua
<p>China’s legislature has designated December 4 as Constitution Day amid a drive to strengthen the authority of the country’s legal system.</p><p>The move by the National People’s Congress’ Standing Committee aims to increase awareness of the constitution, promote its spirit, and strengthen its implementation, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.</p><p>The holiday will be marked by activities to promote the constitution around the country, Xinhua said.</p><p>China has enacted a total of four constitutions since the founding of the communist state in 1949, with the current version adopted in 1982.</p>
Read the full article here: South China Monitoring Post


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