Australian High Court rules Indigenous people without citizenship cannot be deported as aliens

By Kate Galloway and Melissa Castan, 11 February
Australian High Court in Canberra (photo credit: denisbin/flickr)
Australian High Court in Canberra (photo credit: denisbin/flickr)
The High Court made an important decision today about whether it is possible for Aboriginal Australians to be deported from the country if they are not citizens. [ . . . ] This case is significant. In some regards, it is about questions of deportation and immigration. But, crucially, it is a constitutional law case grappling with the deeper question of whether Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians can be aliens and therefore excluded from the Australian state. Although the decision applies to only a small number of people - Indigenous Australians who are not citizens - it has a broader impact in recognising the special status of Indigenous Australians in Australia.
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