Call for Applicants: Support to the Yemeni Peace Process Capacity Building Session

Arabic version here. 

Deadline: 20 June 2019

Duration: 24-30 July 2019

Call for Applicants


The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) is currently implementing a project to support the peace process in Yemen.  Since 2016, International IDEA has organized more than thirty activities with Yemeni experts.  All of these activities focused on Yemen’s constitutional future, including power-sharing arrangements in a post conflict environment.  International IDEA’s project to support the Yemeni peace process is fully funded by the Federal Foreign Office of the Republic of Germany. 

Within the framework of this project, International IDEA will be organizing a Capacity Building Session for Yemeni technical experts on 24-30 July 2019 in Tunis, Tunisia.  The Capacity Building Session’s main objective is to build the technical expertise of individuals who can be of direct assistance to the formal United Nations-led negotiations.  The size of the session will be limited to around 12 participants so as to allow for more detailed discussions.  The Capacity Building Session is being organised in cooperation with the Office of the Special Envoy. 

The Capacity Building Session will be led by a number of regional and international experts on comparative constitutional law and power-sharing in post conflict situations. The experts will deliver presentations focused on various case studies from around the world with a view to enriching Yemeni expertise in developing a viable power sharing arrangement in the short- and long-term.  The Yemeni participants will review a large amount of primary and secondary material that will be directly relevant to the peace negotiations. 

Substantive Issues 

The Capacity Building Session will focus on a number of constitutional and legal issues that will have to be resolved during the formal peace negotiations. In that context, the Capacity Building Session will focus on the following topics: 

(i)                  The form of government power sharing during the transitional period;

(ii)                The government formation process during the transitional period;

(iii)               The government decision-making process during the transitional period; and

(iv)               Dispute prevention and conflict resolution during the transitional period.

The Capacity Building Session will be based on comparative examples that illustrate the challenges, options and opportunities that Yemen will face during the peace negotiations.  The Capacity Building Session will be very practical in its approach.  Participants will be required to review and comment on large amounts of primary material, including but not limited to peace agreements from other conflicts.    

Requirements and Deadline

International IDEA encourages all interested individuals to apply to participate in this Capacity Building Session.  Individuals must fulfill the following conditions to be eligible to participate: 

(i)                  All applicants must be Yemeni nationals. Women are strongly encouraged to apply;

(ii)                All applicants should have at least 10 years of experience in constitutional reform or peace building;

(iii)               All applicants should have a strong interest in constitutional law, political science, peace building or a related field;

(iv)               All applicants should send an up to date CV in either Arabic or English;

(v)                All applicants should also send a cover letter, which should include the applicants’ thoughts on the challenges that Yemen’s peace process is facing (including but not limited to how power sharing should operate during the transitional period), and options for resolving those challenges. 

All applicants should send their CV and cover letter to by 20 June 2019.